• Deepak’s first commitment has always been to his constituents. He is even quoted in the Alberta Grade 9 Social Science Textbook Issues for Canadians as saying so. “The MP represents constituents in formulating policies and by assisting them with services provided by the Government of Canada. An MP’s second responsibility is to the work of parliament. Whether you are in government or opposition, you have an important role to perform”.
  • The main economic issue that Deepak has been committed to over the years is that of keeping income and business taxes low. In all his speeches in the past years, he’s brought this up, either as a reinforcement to the previous Conservative Government’s policies, or in opposition to this Liberal Government’s mismanagement of the economy. All these speeches can be found on his parliamentary website or on openparliament.ca Check these out, as low taxes have truly been the seed of all our Conservative economic policies

Deepak's Budget Speech from Fall 2018

Deepak's Budget Speech from Spring 2018

Deepak's Budget Speech from Fall 2017

  • Supporting Youth and encouraging them to succeed has been a recurring area of focus for Deepak. In order to expand his platform, he even started a blog called Deepakage to share his insights and facilitate discussions with youth, and amongst them, on how to get involved in politics, how to be a part of the electoral process, and all the ways in which youth can get involved to make a difference at all levels (local, municipal, provincial, federal, and international).